Going for Merger Process to Expand the Hospitality Business

Most of the business houses are opting for merger and acquisition process nowadays as they have found it as an amazing doorway to promote and expand their business. Many big hoteliers in the past few years have merged with the big names as to build a platform for themselves in the hotel industry. This has also helped them to promote the business on global end, to grow and develop in the present times and to reach to the target audience. Even the consumers are being benefitted in return, as they are getting cost-friendly options and Patrick Imbardelli believes that it has broadened the horizon of the hotel industry.


Increase in Company’s Value

As the companies go ahead for the merger process, they can get a lead in the hospitality industry as both the businesses can work as one team and think about the growth of the hotel. Most of the hotel groups in Asia and Middle East have gone through a merger process and with this, the consumers got the affordable prices and other packages. The merger process comes hands in hands with many beneficial effects for both the industries as they only work for the business growth. Some of them are as under:-

  • The mega-merger process of the big hotel groups results in the expansion and promotion of the hotelier’s business. They can target a maximum number of consumers with the new plans and benefits given away by them.
  • It also helps in building of reputation of the seven star or five-star hotels as the team of both the industries work in a joint manner to promote the business deals. Even the lucrative offers provided by the hotels on varied hospitality or travel sites have made them nearly affordable.
  • With the merging of hotel groups, the companies are now putting an eye to acquire their old competitors as to flourish themselves. However, as the Airbnb has made its place so far in the hospitality industry it is giving tough competition to the hotel industry, as hotels have to arrange for the lodging booked through this site.
  • The merger process can only gain heights if the mergers are fully aware of their respective work to promote the business in today’s competitive world. This will also help in execution of newer plans and helping the hotel business to achieve new heights.

Retaining Shareholder’s Value

According to the famous hotelier and President Patrick Imbardelli during the merger process, both the parties should look after the concerns of the shareholders of the business. As the merger of two industries results in expansion so it should be taken care of that, the value of shares does not degrade but as a result, should enhance after the deal. Even the deal cracked by the companies should be done on the right time and at the right value so that it does not affect the shareholder’s value and they can get good returns after the merger process too.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the help of a great merger at the right time, the company can earn good amount of profit.