Lead A Happy & Contented Life Always!

Successful people are not different from ordinary people. They think out of the box and find solutions on how to make life enjoyable and meaningful. The good news is that they are like the rest of the world and love sharing their secret formulas to success. You may be wondering how they manage to do so much work yet remain energetic and active most of the time. They have amazing personal lives and a positive attitude towards life. It is high time for you to get to know the truth so that you too can follow their footsteps and lead a happy and contented life too!

Balance is the key

George Bardwil is one such professional who is not only an effective business owner but also a devoted family man with three lovely children. He is the owner of Bardwil Industries one of the oldest textile units in Southampton Long Island. This Company was founded by his late grandfather in the year 1906. It is one of the most reputed and esteemed textile companies not only in the area but in the nation as well. He has three offices across the USA- New York, New Jersey and Ohio. He looks after the headquarters of the Company in New York and manages a team of 60 people across three states.

He looks after every aspect of the business and is a motivating role model for his employees. He has effective interpersonal and business management skills and this is why he is so popular and loved.


Family and interests after work

He says though he is a very busy professional, deep inside he is devoted to his family and children. He says that you should never focus your life on work alone. You need to take out time and spend it with your near and dear ones. They give you the reason to live. Objects and chasing things will not give you happiness- yes, it is important for you to work in order to earn money but you should not make it the mission of your life. You should take out time and spend it with your loved ones- only then can you have success and a meaningful life!

Find time for yourself as well

As an individual, it is important for you to know what you like to do. This means you should take out some time and look inward. You often take life for granted and cater to the pressures of work and family- in the process you tend to forget yourself. He says that you should devote time to your hobbies and interests as well. In this manner, you effectively are able to make yourself and people happy he says. With the right time management skills, you should be able to take out some time for yourself- he says.

George Bardwil is indeed a positive role model for the region of Southampton. He is an active community service worker as well. In his spare time, he plays tennis and golf and loves opera, Broadway Productions and ballet!