Tackling BEE issues within a business can be a harrowing experience

Tackling BEE issues within a business can be a harrowing experience, especially if it will be done by those who do not have a thorough understanding of it. BEE consulting firms are dedicated to understanding its laws and how to best use the codes to better the business and as a by-product, better the country. They are the perfect entity to bring in to offer help.Businesses no longer have to worry about keeping their BEE scores on track and always having to amend policies as the law changes. Like with all new initiatives within a business, the bottom line lies at the profit margins. Many people are of the understanding that implementing BEE will be an expensive exercise and that there will be no real benefit to the company.

On the contrary, BEE consulting will guide a company through the ropes of the codes and act as the go between and advise the on company how to take advantage of their current dealings to apply for BEE accreditation. BEE consulting takes it one step further and advises on how scoring can be higher. The points are extremely important in BEE as it is this that determines the numbered level contributor that the business is at. The lowest is a non-contributing business, with the highest being a level 1 contributor. This scale shows the amount that the company is contributing to making South Africa a better and more equalized country for all its citizens. It is through business endeavours that this will best be achieved.


BEE consulting tackles every issue laid forth in the BEE codes. First up would be the economic development of black people. This is the group of people who in the past did not have access to better jobs, promotions within a company or even leadership roles within a business. BEE consulting will ensure that they are well represented in a company. Even if there are no black employees or owners within a business it is still highly possible to get a high BEE rating. BEE consulting helps heaps and bounds in getting this higher rating. The other codes will have to be maximized to get an overall high score.

Another code is supplier relations. Points are earned by conducting business affairs with other companies who are BEE compliant. The amount of score calculable is dependable on the BEE rating of the other company. If their rating is higher then your company will score more points. This is why it is critical to bring in a BEE consulting firm and hike up the companies points as much as possible. It will also mean the difference between getting those highly sought after government contracts or not. Points are not just earned by bringing in some of the principles of BEE. Whatever the company does to improve their BEE score will be audited so it really needs to benefit those who were not advantaged during the apartheid era. The audit is done by a separate company and not the BEE consulting firm.