Online Trading with the Italians Producing another Earthquake

The British are coming, proofing themselves as trail blazers which caused a tsunami of political turmoil in Europe after Brexit. The ripples have now hit the Italians who recently voted a resounding “no” on their internal reforms referendum and bumped off their Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi to resign. Now that Mr David Cameron and Mr Matteo Renzi have time on their hands, we can look forward to seeing them as a pair on the speaker circuit.

Strangely, the European Share Index rallied round and rose slightly higher which sent the Dow Jones Average to an unexpected record close. Most economists would expect it to flip the other way or is the market speaking on behalf of the people, for the people and by the people. 2016 is by far, the most dramatic year in politics since the Thatcher years.

Although the Italians voted no on Sunday and rejected Mr Renzi’s reforms, we cannot help but to wonder if this was designed as a back-door referendum taster to gauge the mood of the people?

How will the post-Brexit coupled with the Italians constitutional reforms affect the markets in Europe? Are they now screaming for a referendum to exit the European Union and jolting at their heels are France, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain and Hungary?

The Italians Cooked the Euro

The markets reacted in fickle volatile trading and sent the Euro spinning out of control as the Italians were basically reiterating their deep rooted concerns about the lacklustre Euro. Do you blame them? After all, they have been in a 20 year recession and is still nursing their wounds after the 2008 financial meltdown. Some say that recessions can offer opportunities in the marketplace and online trading is no exception.

It’s just coincidental that Italy’s plagued Banca Monte dei Paschi will be meeting with the banking regulators at Eurozone HQ, let’s wait and see if this would steer the bank off course in their future recapitalization plans.

Some European Jewels

Mechel Pao started rising sharply from September of this year up to 221%, Mechel is amongst Russia’s leading metals mining companies mainly focusing on iron ore, coal and rolled steel products. Mechel perhaps just got lucky with improved and rising coal and metallurgical prices. Cnova N.V., an internet company linked to the Groupe Casino with Mr Jean-Charles Naouri as their current CEO and chairman tasted a 128% rise in the share prices since May 2016.

Transocean Partners, a British company saw their stock rise as high as 112% since January this year which would make a welcome Christmas pressie if you cashed out now. Transocean Partners LLC, is in the advanced oil rigging business.

Is Online Trading is Effectively Gambling

Whilst most brokers or traders will tell you otherwise, it is effectively gambling as you have to predict the future and let’s face it none of us are gifted with a crystal ball. However, calculated online trading is absorbing, exciting, even fascinating and can also be addictive like its horse racing twin. The secret here is to just be downright sensible and only play with money that you can clearly afford to lose, it doesn’t even need to be in the thousands as you can start with just a few hundred pounds. Lie low, go steady, sift through the ocean floor for some savory goodies and once you’ve got more experience rise to high waters where all the sharks roam as the rewards are greater over yonder. Not trying to scare you, but just warning you as this advice are for novices that want to stay in this relay for the long term. As a diligent investor, you need to invest the time to study stocks or currencies and it is by no means, easy.

You would need a broker to trade, ensure that they are FSA regulated but these days that doesn’t count for much as you do not need to look far, remember 2008. Plus, not many people know this but the main source of income for this regulatory body comes from financial sector itself, known as membership fees.

The finance world has well over 150 awards ceremonies to cover virtually every sinew of its activities, as we were discussing shares we thought the Shares Magazine awards would suffice who voted IG as the Best CFD Provider. No surprise with FXPro as the Best Forex Broker, Alliance Trust as the Best ISA Provider. Then, CMC Markets with the Best Online Trading Platform and long established players like Barclays Stockbrokers as the Best SIPP Provider and these days you have to acknowledge peer to peer lending and this year it went to Crowdstacker, blow us down it beat Zopa!