The Technology Company that Specializes in Defense Equipment

Megabite Inc. is a full service, VAR or value added reseller of components and parts to the United States Foreign Military Agencies, Department of Defense, along with many commercial customers.  The company has always possessed a customer-priority attitude.  Their quality assurance processes are of high standard and they always ensure that their customers receive parts which are just in agreement with their necessities.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, the company focuses on supplying high quality electronics products to the defense and space industry in the United States of America. With an unmatched business structure, they are aiding the country since 1979 and tend to be one of the top sellers to the US army, space, defense services, and other industries with its ground-breaking products and services. Megabite Electronics is known for hiring the experienced researchers and scientist so that they can come up with customized solutions to meet the requirements of the customers.

Being a huge distribution house for electronics products the company also supplies electronics components that are widely used in defense, space and in common life. For instance, connectors, couplers, valves, batteries, switches, gaskets, EMI shielding, filters, washers, O-rings, cable assemblies, relays, gages, circuit cards, active components along with many other industrial, military, and commercial parts. Since the company has been offering consistent services and products to the customers it has received a performance index of ninety nine percent from the Department of Defense.


Megabite does majority of its business operations with the Defense Logistic Agencies and U.S. Navy. So far, it has distributed products for Air Dry of America, Joslyn-Sunbank Corp, Automatic Connector, and Databus Products (of Long Island, NY). In addition to this, the company offers abundant options for distributors and OEM’s interested in their facilities, tenders straight with the government on the behalf of the primary and takes care of all related managerial duties. It also acts as military distributor in order to serve as the contractor to the military and execute all military labeling, invoicing, packaging, and inspection reports. Moreover, it reduces organizational costs and paperwork by handling all requirements for military parts and selling straight to government resellers.

The company in the recent times has been able to reach the peak of the success owing to its extra ordinary services on timely manner and customer care services. In fact many clients of Megabite Electronics Inc. have been with the company since the days of inception. Just like bringing in new customers is a challenging task, similarly retaining the old customers is a challenging task and this is something that Megabite has successfully carried out.

The company is increasing its services and customer base at a faster pace with an intention to become the country’s largest chain for supplying electronics components and products for space, defense, and other areas.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Megabite is a well-known technology company that specializes in defense and space equipment in the New York City of the United States.